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FROM: Kate, Dandridge, TN

"... I put Bradley Cole's CD in the "slot" of my computer the other day and totally fell in love! What an extraordinary piece of work!! From this artist's beautiful touch on the guitar strings to the husky soulful sound of his voice giving out the lyrics ...From Save Me at the beginning through the beautiful In Our Time and on to the 13th "psalm" it's the best total collection of works on one CD I've heard in a long, long time! Don't miss it!"

FROM: Carlita, Pittsburgh, PA

"I absolutely love Bradley's new CD In Our Time! It is a masterpiece. I love every song. Rarely a CD will have more than one or two favorites. The lyrics, music are wonderful. Great listening music, dancing music, something for everyone. I love the guitar in the beginning of In Another World. Everytime I hear the songs I love it more. I was completely blown away by it. I also love the 13th unnamed song and the video is great. I can't say enough wonderful things about this CD. It was certainly worth the wait."

FROM: Mal, St.Johns, MI

"I have the single of In Our Time, and I love it. I replay and replay and replay In Our Time. That song just really brings out his musical talent, not only through singing, but songwriting as well."

FROM: Arlyss, Lakeville, MN

"I love the song, I Believe the best. It really says something special to me. "

FROM: Camille, Jeannette, PA

"Each song that I listen to becomes my favorite."

FROM: Betty, San Diego, CA

"There is a zest for life in the rhythm and harmony ... beautiful lyrics that come through with expressions of joy and pain..."

FROM: Carolyn, Belleville, IL

"His music reminds me a little of that late 70's feel good music."

FROM: Myrna, Somerset, KY

From the upbeat Save Me to the almost hymn-like harmonies of I Believe to the darkly beautiful Lessons to the carefree Saturday Night to the rollicking guitar of You're Gonna Lose-- it is a musical and lyrical adventure."

FROM: Margaret, Houston, TX

"I play the CD every day whether I am at home or in my van. I am very happy that I ordered two."


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